Payroll Services

Payroll, while being one of the most important functions within a Company, is also a technical and administrative task, and hence our Clients have happily been leveraging the benefits of our payroll experts. We also offer, as required, a web-based self-service portal to the Associates which creates transparency by placing information in the hands of the respective Client teams / Managers / Staff.

Our employment solutions don’t stop at recruiting or onboarding, but go all the way to managing and disbursing monthly payroll, enabling a hassle-free and 100% accurate payroll and compliance solutions. Having access to multiple payroll systems allows us to scale quickly, while maintaining the flexibility of role-based accesses to Self Service and Expense Reimbursements.

Having processed over 1.5 Mn payslips already, our systems are designed for scale, speed and accuracy, while ensuring absolute confidentiality and data security.

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