Contingent Staffing

A successful blue-collar workforce recruiting program entails reaching out to large number of candidates, all at once. Our teams run multiple, parallel and focused Recruitment Marketing Campaigns to mitigate any manpower supply risks our Clients might face. Further, we also take on our payroll any resources the Client has already identified / engaged with, and extend exactly the same benefits to all. The entire HR administration as well as compliance and regulatory requirements are executed by the Novho team like a clockwork.

Our flexible and temporary staffing solutions allow our Clients to adapt to the changing business requirements. To solve for this, we have developed unparalleled expertise in catering to the seasonal nature of our Client’s resource requirements. Our vast geographical presence and understanding of the Clients’ business cycles enables us to deliver contingent staffing solutions across industries and locations with shorter turn-around-time.
We currently deploy contractual staff across 600+ cities for multiple clients, thereby giving us the largest geographical penetration in the Country. The highest standards of business conduct that we maintain through our robust compliance management framework, helps mitigate all external risks for our Clients.
Owing to the changing aspirations, the attributes of the workforce have changed, and so has been the transformation in the Industrial Relations landscape. It has become equally important to address individual concerns, as was the case with Unions.
Our proactive measures, coupled with strong inter-personal connects as well as local liaison, ensure the Clients are assured of peaceful operations at all times. This involves, among others, grievance handling as well as facilitating the Clients’ day-to-day employment decisions. In case of a unionized workforce, we facilitate the shared goal of the Client through harmonious employer-employee relationships.
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